We passionately believe in branding and market-messaging as the foundation of any endeavor. We were so tired of dealing with outside companies who would oversell, underperform, and steal our content that we started and still operate our own marketing company, WordUp! Marketing. This way we keep complete control of our own portfolio’s needs, and pass our expertise, pricing, and secret sauce to clients and partners. We do it all, and we do it well.

Please visit WordUp! Marketing website for more details of full line of services offered.

There are 9 key things that makes WordUp! Marketing unique from other large firms, or individual ‘keyboard contractors’.

  • Limited Clientele – We don’t need the business. We are in a great position to choose who we want to work with, and focus on great result for them.
  • Intimate Service – We thoroughly know our client’s ventures, often because we are consulting in other areas as well. Clients work with us directly and personally however suits them best; full-service or ala-carte.
  • Real Experience – As venture capital entrepreneurs ourselves, we have been in the trenches. We have worked in many industries and with many companies, and usually know what works or what’s a waste.
  • Value Added – Value, not volume. We don’t need to pitch anything just to add-on or make a buck. We focus on things that get results and add value.
  • Full Control – Clients own the rights to every piece of work. We never hold stuff hostage. Ever. We own and maintain all our own servers to keep it safe from others attacks as well.
  • Zero Contracts – Seriously. We work off simple letter agreements and if we aren’t adding value, we can part ways.
  • Template Driven – There is not much new under the sun. Most of what is used can be customized from existing industry templates and systems to save time and money.
  • Outsourced Specialists – We are partnered with a select team of specialists outside the US (English fluent and in same time zone) for much of the work to keep costs down. Way down!
  • Equitable Pricing – Clients get ‘family pricing’ or ‘cost-plus’ transparency because we are an internally controlled subsidiary. We’re the least expensive option when calculating the full value we add.


The lifeblood of any company or project is access to capital. Whether it’s for business operations, client financing, development financing – the right capital and partners can make or break any model. We have extensive experience to structure and negotiate the right capital for each scenario, as well as direct access to institutional, venture, or private placement funds. Fees are often paid by the project of the source of capital

We also have a private fund that looks to place our own capital alongside select and quality partners and projects.

  • Institutional Debt – For traditional loan options on businesses.
  • Equity Partnerships – For business capital or project equity requirements.
  • Private Investors – Accredited Investors looking for a better than market return
  • Construction to Perm Loans – For construction projects.
  • Private Placement / Capital Raises – When larger raises are needed utilizing private sources of capital from ‘Accredited Investors’. Regulations, disclosures, and legal forms are required to stay in compliance and exemptions from SEC oversight.
  • Take-out Financing – For end-user sale financing on things like non-traditional homes.


Our team can provide crucial oversight, management, or general consulting of any aspect of an organization or its projects. You will be teamed with an expert in the field that best fits the scenario, project, and/or organization.

  • Virtual Executive Positions – Up to 50% capacity by client.
  • Board Seats – For assistance in management oversight.
  • Management Oversight – For division or project oversight and accountability.
  • Consulting / Advisory Roles – By project or contract for specific deliverables.
  • Training / Coaching – Working with leadership to bring out the best results from within.
  • Speaking Engagements – By topic, varies.


To serve our builder and developer clients, we are an exclusive brand partner with a large private-label Industrialized Construction facility in the Central Midwest (four corners area OK/MO/KS/AR). This facility serves a multi state region of about a 500 mile radius. The facility has the ability to build to the IRC (Housing), IBC (Commercial & Multi-family), ANSI 119.5 (Park Model Recreational) codes and are already certififed in 35 states. The factory has proprietary build techniques, design, and products that allow for a variety of new options previously unavailable in the Modular industry.

We also are developing other direct relationships with similar private-label partner facilities across the nation, or have the ability to manage the process with most other factories.

We deal directly and only with Builders / Developers (“B/D’s”) on ‘spec model’ placements of roughly 10+ model orders at a time. We do not work directly with end-users, nor with custom options on individual units. We will look at doing new plans at 12+ units in a year, if the B/D’s are able to pay for new production and engineering plan sets.

We are launching our own brand of homes called Modular Unlimited – with brand standards, specific look and specification levels for ease of “Napkin Estimates”. We don’t yet have a full catalog to choose from, but are in the process of developing an initial line of simple, small, sustainable single and double box units.

We will look at “Customizing” product (spec levels, product, look and feel) at 36+ units per year. And also if the B/D’s pay for Engineering, Design time, and Value-engineering. We don’t do onsies and twosies, unless it’s a product that we already have engineered plans for, and can use our Brand Specs.

We operate as pricing on commodities fluctuate, and use a fixed ‘cost-plus’ wholesale pricing directly to B/D’s. We can do simple ‘Napkin Estimates’ on any project that might fit our production parameters.

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