Welcome to Z, Incorporated…
A holistic business enrichment firm. For over 20 years we have specialized in enhancing small to mid-market companies, industrialized construction (modular), and the land development industry.
MARKETING | Services & Products
Branding and market-messaging specialists, we offer a full array of products to support our clientele.
MANAGEMENT | Services & Consultation
Providing crucial consultation, oversight, or full management of any aspect of an organization or it’s projects.
SALES | Services, Training, & Presentations
From developing sales strategies, to building, training and managing entire sales teams we effectively bring in and close business.
CAPITAL | Acquisition & Formation
Structuring the right capital for each scenario, with direct access to institutional, venture, or private placement funds.
CONSULTING | Strategy & Coaching
General leadership consulting on mission, structure, finance, growth, operations, execution, or exit strategies.
DESIGN | Services & Consultation
Helping builders and developers shift the traditional mode of on-site construction to ‘Industrialized Construction’ (off-site facility-built) methods for cost, quality, and efficiency.
DEVELOPMENT | Services & Management
As developers ourselves - we assist in all types of projects from design/layout, entitlement, and construction,to complete entity management after completion.
BUILD | Services & Construction
Specializing in Industrialized Construction Technology (Modular), utilizing off-site facilities for up to 95% of the finished vertical product.

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