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industrial-product-2-zincdirectSome industry reports suggest that 50 percent of net revenue should be allocated to marketing new products and services. Effective marketing is more critical today than ever before. In the sea of offerings overwhelming your customers, how is your company distinguishing itself?

At Z,Inc. we offer customized industrial product marketing services specifically designed to give suppliers of industry, exposure where they need it most.

We combine current market research, historical data, and your company’s own goals to pinpoint your needs, then we create a tailored marketing plan to meet those needs.

We specialize in identifying target audiences, reaching new customers, generating qualified leads, and closing sales. If your company is looking for a top fuel engine with this kind of horsepower, consider the following offerings:

  • Effective branding
  • Demand tracking
  • Detailed reporting
  • Qualified sales lead generation
  • Data aggregation to assess & refine campaigns
  • Pending legislative and policy changes affecting your market
  • Trend monitoring
  • Field demo appointment setting
  • Contact sharing
  • Engineering & design market penetration
  • Facilities customer reach
  • Plant services capabilities
  • Qualified contractor search
  • RFQ response/rate
  • Industrial target market
  • Oil & gas leads
  • Fabrication sourcing
  • Petrochemical market specialist
  • Leverage industrial job leads
  • Oil industry sales funnel
  • Engineering, procurement, & construction (EPC) marketing
  • Manufacturing services
  • Industrial lead capture
  • Supply chain management provider
  • Refinery RFP generator
  • Industrial outsourcing assistance
  • B2B industrial marketing
  • Project supply services
  • Turnaround provider placement
  •  Industrial specialty mapping
  • Marine/rail/mining/construction/manufacturing/oil and gas (O&G) industry exposure
  • Heavy industry market coverage


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