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About us

To learn more about Darin, and connect with him on LinkedIn, click here.
To learn more about Darin, and connect with him on LinkedIn, click here.

Z,Inc. was founded out of the real need for businesses of all sizes to have a simple, common sense,  experienced approach to solving problems and maximizing returns.

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Darin Zaruba is a seasoned business executive and successful entrepreneur with over 20 year’s experience in business development, management, venture capital, private equity, angel-investments, and financial education. His experience spans several market segments, in which he has been intimately involved in virtually every aspect of organizational development. Darin’s specialty and primary interest is in private and micro-cap start-ups with an emphasis on marketing and capital development.

Z,Inc. has helped launch numerous companies, and continues to consult for businesses and grow its own angel investments and holdings into a variety of markets such as affordable housing, real estate, manufacturing, franchises, and music-entertainment. Darin’s career started in retail procurement, and he quickly grew into mergers and acquisitions, developing sales teams nationwide, private equity, and business development and consulting. This led to him starting his first successful company at 27. His ventures turned into a formal investment and business consulting company Z,Inc., in 2003.

Specialties: Business Management and Consulting, Venture Capital, Consulting, Sales, Systems Development, Operations, Start Ups, Marketing, Private Equity, Business Lending, Investing.


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