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Alternative Investments

alternative investmentsZ,Inc offers qualified clients private opportunities for alternative investments. We are constantly vetting out new investment projects locally and nationally to present to our clients.  Z,Inc has affiliations with several private investment firms, banks, and funds with holdings in real estate, oil and gas, renewable energy, business ventures, cash-flow instruments, and other unique private opportunities.  Z,Inc is an affiliate member of several members-only investment communities which link accredited and institutional investors with private investment opportunities. *Typical investments are a minimum of $10,000.  Certain investments require accredited investor status. 

Any attached disclosure of active company projects, Colorado partnerships and consulting arrangements that Z,Inc is involved in does not represent an offer to invest.  If you are interested in finding out more information about our active projects and opportunities, please contact us and we’ll provide you the necessary disclosures to comply with State and U.S. Security laws.  Until the provision of said disclosures, no offer is being made.

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